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What is Henna?

Henna is a plant and its leaves contain a dye, which when mixed with natural ingredients, causes the dye to be fully released. The leaves are ground into a fine powder so that a paste can be made in order to have designs be drawn.

How does henna work?

As in the cover photo at the very top of this page, designs are drawn on the skin using fresh, natural and safe henna mixtures. The henna paste dries on top of the skin, and the naturally occurring dyes contained in the paste, leaves behind a stain that you can enjoy for at least 7 days, after the paste has been removed.


How long does henna last?

Henna designs last between 7 days to three weeks, dependant upon many factors. Firstly, where on the body one receives a design. Another factor is how well one takes care of the design. The skin exfoliates every 21 days, so stains rarely last beyond this period.

Scheduling your appointment

If you have an event you would like to wear your henna design specifically for, please schedule your appointment two days prior to your event, as henna takes 48 hours for the stain to mature. A young stain looks bright orange while a deep mature stain, is rich in colour. The latter is usually the more favourable look in wearing henna designs.

Taking care of your designs

• Leave paste on for at least six hours.

• Scrape off with back of scissors or pick paste off.

• Remove excess paste with oil* -soaked cotton pad. DO NOT WASH OFF WITH WATER!

• Avoid water for the next 48 hours.

• If water can't be avoided... Cover henna with oil* liberally before exposing to water.

• Watch your henna stain darken and ENJOY! :)


*USE ONLY natural oils like: Coconut, Olive, or any cooking oil.


Other products {like vaseline, baby oil or cocoa butters and creams} either speed up the exfoliation process, or are abrasive to a henna stain and cause them to fade MUCH QUICKER!


WHEN IN DOUBT of what to use: Contact me! :)


What is "Black Henna"?

"Black henna" is NOT SAFE, nor is it really henna at all. These commercially made products are laced with chemicals that can harm you adversely with use. See GOOGLE image below. I do not advise anyone to risk their health or image, for the desire to have a design that mimics the look of a tattoo. There have been cases of death with the usage of these chemical cones. Warning signs include putrid smells, flat drying designs, and intense burning.


ALWAYS ASK your henna professional about the ingredients in their henna pastes.

What is White Henna?

White henna does not exist. As stated before, henna comes from the leaves of a plant which yields a stain on the skin ranging in colour from bright pumpkin orange to deep copper brown.


What has been referred to as "white henna" is really a body paint that sits atop the skin, leaving no stain behind. It is akin to having your face painted. See image below.


Beautiful yes, but these designs only last for 1 or 2 days, based on aftercare.


Photo Courtesy of the amazing: Studio19



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