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Hi! I am SahFyhr - pronounced like - Sapphire.


Visual Artist. Alchemist. Glimmer Seeker.


Inspired by the practice of henna art, I found my purpose by learning to transmute my pain into glimmers of joy through the application of this auspicious art form on my skin. Coupling my love for island elements with a mindful and intricate design approach, I found myself.


In 2015, I returned to my island home of Trinidad to pursue my artistic career. By 2017, I was honored to have exhibited at our National Gallery twice, as a breakout artist. Having been recognized in this manner, I was further awarded the prestigious position of representing my country as a cultural art ambassador to expand the auspicious traditions of

henna art into the contemporary art world. 


Interrupted by the onset of COVID-19, the trajectory of my artistic journey came to an abrupt halt and plummeted into a gravitropic space. During this incubatory time, my artistic purpose evolved.


This year, my phototropic year, I reemerge to share with the world how to find glimmers of joy and thrive through adversity with mindful art practices.






















...Unapologetic Black Girl Magic

SahFyhr Model


"See...This is what you are meant for.

For this.

You send soooooo much more

than just an item to people.

You send love and energy and it's an experience

to receive something from you.

It's a part of you.

I feel it.

I can't touch it, but I feel it.

It's crazy.

You're the true meaning of an artist." 

- S.Fadi

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