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SahFyhr - pronounced like - Sapphire - is the

consummate henna and visual artist behind the eclectic works of the moniker brand. 


Stepping out on a limb, she took a leap of faith to wholeheartedly pursue her dream of being a successful artist. Inspired by the semi-secret blog of Darcy Vasudev of Henna Lounge, deep in her heart, she knew if one artist could realise their dream, so could she!

Known for her perpetual "hot foot", she relocated to her native home of Trinidad and Tobago in 2015 to make her stamp on the art world. Introduced to henna as a tool for healing her own pains by her beloved sister in 2010, the resulting joys she felt after applying designs to herself, she knew must be shared to help {heal} others. By offering henna to others, she has cultivated a practice where people are able to experience love and compassion on their journey toward healing. 


Even with a healthy respect for tradition, henna became the medium that allowed SahFyhr the freedom to incorporate ALL of her eclectic and versatile art skills, in a modern and progressive way. Through her own journey, the art of henna and its multi-media application possibilities has given her a tool to show that the embrace of diversity can be beautiful and very cohesive. She hopes that people who view her works, also see that this can be applied within our communities amongst ourselves as well.























...Unapologetic Black Girl Magic

SahFyhr Model


"See...This is what you are meant for.

For this.

You send soooooo much more

than just an item to people.

You send love and energy and it's an experience

to receive something from you.

It's a part of you.

I feel it.

I can't touch it, but I feel it.

It's crazy.

You're the true meaning of an artist." 

- S.Fadi

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